The River Runs…


No Hope

The river runs so deep, my Lord
I know I cannot cross.
Without your love to guide me home
I fear my soul is lost.

When darkness comes and I’m alone
and demons dance and shout
The trees throw shadows on the ground
And evil walks about.

I see no lights to guide me home
Where did my love go wrong.
I need to feel so safe
And know that I belong.

A place where fear cannot come in
A place that is too strong.
And smiling faces greet you there
Don’t make me wait too long.

It’s Heavens light that I see now
A place where I might go
So Father, take my hand
I am ready now, I know.
Anita Dawes




I walk among the dead of yesterday
A willing prey.
Unholy voices fill the air
with shattered hopes they linger
ever deeper in despair
I sit alone beside an empty chair.

In the darkness soft and sweet
With fear and sweat upon my brow
all my sins of yesterday I meet
and stand before you empty now.

Heavenly Angels, take my hand
And lead me to your promised land
Help me to find the love I seek
which Jesus left for us to keep…
Anita Dawes

These poems were written a long time ago, in 1979, long before I started to write books. I have been thinking of trying my hand at them again…

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