Devil Woman… #Poetry



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Devil Woman

Her touch is velvet laced with poison

Evil grows where she walks

She is known by many names

Devil woman will strip your heart of feeling

Your mind of reason

Leaving you unborn, a golem

You live only for her will to move your body

To fetch and carry, to guard her when she sleeps

Safeguarding her vulnerability, her Achilles heel.

You can be saved by one who loves you

Who dares to enter during those hours of darkness

To kiss your broken body back to life…

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What darkness traps my mind in time over?

What thoughts travel from hell

Placing claws in tender flesh?

The night air foul with danger

Sewers run thick with blood

No respite from the sound

of towns and villages burning

People run with nowhere to go

Death knocks on every door

This too is prophesied

The sun will shine again,

the rain will wash the streets clean

Ill wind shall be blown from its moorings

Town and village will rise anew…




The River Runs…


No Hope

The river runs so deep, my Lord
I know I cannot cross.
Without your love to guide me home
I fear my soul is lost.

When darkness comes and I’m alone
and demons dance and shout
The trees throw shadows on the ground
And evil walks about.

I see no lights to guide me home
Where did my love go wrong.
I need to feel so safe
And know that I belong.

A place where fear cannot come in
A place that is too strong.
And smiling faces greet you there
Don’t make me wait too long.

It’s Heavens light that I see now
A place where I might go
So Father, take my hand
I am ready now, I know.
Anita Dawes




I walk among the dead of yesterday
A willing prey.
Unholy voices fill the air
with shattered hopes they linger
ever deeper in despair
I sit alone beside an empty chair.

In the darkness soft and sweet
With fear and sweat upon my brow
all my sins of yesterday I meet
and stand before you empty now.

Heavenly Angels, take my hand
And lead me to your promised land
Help me to find the love I seek
which Jesus left for us to keep…
Anita Dawes

These poems were written a long time ago, in 1979, long before I started to write books. I have been thinking of trying my hand at them again…