Anita’s Journey to the Planets ~The Spiral Galaxy

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We live on the edge of a wonderful spiral galaxy.

The Milky Way, a remarkable sight, a special band of light.

But beware, there are dark regions within the bands of light where interstellar dust blocks the light of distant stars.

The area of sky that the Milky Way obscures is called the Zone of Avoidance. A place I have no wish to visit. Neither do I wish to get close to the black hole in the centre of our spiral galaxy. I have no wish to touch upon the dark matter that hides from our sunlight either.

The dark matter halo does appeal to my sense of wonder, but I cannot go there for it is time to move on.

I would have liked to visit Andromeda, for that name has long fascinated me. Alas, it is time to go home and Andromeda will have to wait until next time.

It is time to go back to our Blue Planet.

I look back towards our galaxy, the Milky Way, high enough to see the pregnant bulge, her arms moving through space, gathering more stars to her heart. I feel giddy as I watch this amazing galaxy with its giant halo spinning wild like a giant cowboys lasso.

Here my journey ends, I am back on Terra Firma, wondering what adventure I can choose next…

Thank you to everyone who journeyed with me! 



Anita’s Journey to the Planets ~ Neptune

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This royal blue Planet, the colour of our sea, reminds me of the Sea God Neptune with his trident, controlling the oceans. Driving those further back up the beach who venture too close to his waters. I often think he must be having an off day.

I hear the waves crash against the rocks, the sound like giant hands clapping. I am glad I am not caught between those rocks and a hard place.

This mystical sapphire, this blue wonder holds me in its gaze, a jewel in anyone’s crown but I have to leave it where it hangs like a lucky blue spot, for I have one more stop before I return home.

As I do so, I hear the crash of waves and am reminded of my favourite place, Cornwall…

Join me tomorrow, as I take one last look at our spiral galaxy?



Anita’s Journey to the Planets ~ Uranus


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What can I say about this grey-blue Planet with rings so similar to Saturn, yet not so wondrous?

I feel as though something is missing, for Uranus, the Magician hides his magic.

Yet I can feel it, soft and gentle, whispering old stories that my mind cannot quite catch. I am reminded that they are not mine in the first place, but I want one to keep, to bring back with me to write about.

It would be something not yet heard on Earth. What a bestseller it would be. Maybe when I return home, the Magician will send it to me in a dream, from start to finish for me to remember when I wake.

With my fingers crossed, I leave Uranus. Just for a moment, I believe I could see Merlin waving me on to Neptune and I am filled with new hope…

Join me tomorrow on my journey to Neptune, the mystic planet?

Anita’s Journey to the Planets ~ Saturn

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Saturn is said to be the Titan, the old God, and father of Jupiter who took over as the King of the Gods, leaving his son, the Bringer of Old Age, almost forgotten.

Maybe it was just time for a new King.

Many old Kings work from behind, unseen. Pushing the new King onward.

Saturn lives within its wondrous rings of ice and rocks. From a distance, they look so much like diamonds in the night sky. A wonderfully jewelled ring, much too large for my finger.

I wish I could take a small piece of Saturn’s rock with me on my journey, to put on my mantelpiece, a constant reminder of this wonderful Universe.

Time for me to move on, but I can hardly bear to look back at Saturn and its moons. To leave such wonder breaks my heart, but it is time to meet Uranus…

Join me tomorrow on my journey to Uranus, the magician?

Anita’s Journey to the Planets ~ Jupiter


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Jupiter, the Bringer of Joy.

This majestic Planet is the largest in our Solar System. To protect our Earth he constantly suffers collisions from large debris, leaving great wounds on its surface. A father figure looking out for his children, keeping us safe from those giant rocks that like to run amok around the Universe. Reminds me of a Grandfather, but at the same time, it has a beautiful orange spot, a massive angry storm. Can we really blame Jupiter for showing us his emotions?

I remember watching a television programme about when Jupiter took one more wound on our behalf. That poignant moment stayed with me for weeks…

As I leave Jupiter, I am reminded that beauty comes in many forms as I watch the rotational orange storm. I feel a chill, yet I am leaving with a great sense of awe as I head towards Saturn…

Join me tomorrow for the next stop on my Journey, Saturn?



Anita’s Journey to the Planets ~Mercury

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Mercury is quick and powerful, like the liquid it is named after. Yet its surface has a golden glow.

The Winger Messenger, the Magician. Still watering our Earth with grand ideas.

Mercury is also known as The God of Numbers, of Magic and Writing.

Some have called him The Trickster. This may be so, yet the twin snakes of mercury are a sign of healing so he cannot be all bad, not in my book.

Mercury can give you that moment of clarity, that thought that grabs your nether regions and will not let you go until you put it into action.

I have had those moments. I am also an Aries and often start something yet do not finish an idea. Mercury has given me many things to think about.

As I leave this mercurial Planet, I swear it winked at me. The kind of wink that usually means  I’ll tell you later…

It is time for me to meet the King of the Gods…

Join me tomorrow for my journey to Jupiter?

Anita’s Journey to The Planets ~ Earth

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Our Earth



I will start my journey on Earth because this is where we all live.

Our wonderful Planet swims on the edge of the Milky Way like a newborn waiting for mother’s milk.

We live on this magic ball, spinning on its axle like a trapeze artist.

On occasion, there is a wobble, and I often wonder if this wobble coincides with those wobbly moments in my own life. Like any good trapeze artist, I re balance and stay on course.

There are too many beautiful things to see and do, so many beaches to visit, warm seas to swim in and beautiful sunsets that should never be missed.

So many people to converse with and learn their way of life.

Long may our Earth continue to spin in our spiral Galaxy.

I am off now, to see what I can find in this perfect alignment…

As I look back towards Earth, I see the Northern Lights and my soul is baptised by the glorious colours of the dancing river of lights…

I am now heading towards Mars… Please join me on my journey tomorrow ?

Anita Dawes