Anita’s Journey to the Planets ~ Uranus


Anita's Journey to the Planets.jpg





What can I say about this grey-blue Planet with rings so similar to Saturn, yet not so wondrous?

I feel as though something is missing, for Uranus, the Magician hides his magic.

Yet I can feel it, soft and gentle, whispering old stories that my mind cannot quite catch. I am reminded that they are not mine in the first place, but I want one to keep, to bring back with me to write about.

It would be something not yet heard on Earth. What a bestseller it would be. Maybe when I return home, the Magician will send it to me in a dream, from start to finish for me to remember when I wake.

With my fingers crossed, I leave Uranus. Just for a moment, I believe I could see Merlin waving me on to Neptune and I am filled with new hope…

Join me tomorrow on my journey to Neptune, the mystic planet?

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