Who You Gonna Call?




The other day, I thought I would pop into town to pick up some fresh veg. I didn’t expect or want to be too long, but fate had other ideas.

As I got closer to Waitrose, loud music began to filter through my preoccupied brain. This music seemed familiar, but I couldn’t place it.

I turned the corner from the High street and this huge figure came into view. And when I say huge, I am not exaggerating. At first, I thought it was the Michelin man. That chubby little man who advertises car tyres, only much bigger than I had ever seen him.

Then I saw something else. A large white American car with the Ghostbusters symbol emblazoned on the side. This was where the music was coming from.



Quite a crowd had gathered and most were moving in time to the music. But what was it doing in my town?

The huge figure was the marshmallow man from the film and stood as tall as most of the shops in the high street.  Strung between his outstretched arms was a banner advertising the opportunity to hire both the figure and the car. At least I think that’s what it said.

So, a quick trip to the shops turned into much more than a walk down memory lane. I couldn’t wait to get home to tell Jaye all about it. And of course, we had to return to take some pictures!

Anita Dawes



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