Anita’s Journey to the Planets ~Mercury

Anita's Journey to the Planets.jpg




Mercury is quick and powerful, like the liquid it is named after. Yet its surface has a golden glow.

The Winger Messenger, the Magician. Still watering our Earth with grand ideas.

Mercury is also known as The God of Numbers, of Magic and Writing.

Some have called him The Trickster. This may be so, yet the twin snakes of mercury are a sign of healing so he cannot be all bad, not in my book.

Mercury can give you that moment of clarity, that thought that grabs your nether regions and will not let you go until you put it into action.

I have had those moments. I am also an Aries and often start something yet do not finish an idea. Mercury has given me many things to think about.

As I leave this mercurial Planet, I swear it winked at me. The kind of wink that usually means  I’ll tell you later…

It is time for me to meet the King of the Gods…

Join me tomorrow for my journey to Jupiter?

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