Plunging into a New Week…

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Am I ready to plunge into a new week?

Not if it ends up looking anything like last week, (or the one before, come to that!)

Everything seems to be changing at an alarming rate these days, and where I used to enjoy a challenge, I find myself craving a little normal for a change. Time to step back, think and make a few rash decisions, I used to be good at those…

I have come to the conclusion that challenges are all well and good, if you can pull them off.

Just lately, I have been falling at the first hurdle, having to struggle to my feet and try again. And again.

Am I daunted? Am I ever… they don’t call me stubborn for nothing. If I want to do something, I will try until my fingers bleed and my brain screams for mercy. Usually, this works, and I swagger around, feeling pretty smug.

I haven’t felt smug for ages, and it’s beginning to look as though I never will again. Sigh…

I would settle for actually getting something right. Just a little something, I’m not greedy. Just so I know I’m on the right page. Rumour has it, that things are not likely to get any better until 2024, but not sure I can twiddle my thumbs until then. I need to clear away all the clutter and debris that has accumulated this year, as my desk has never been in such a mess. It will be time to start editing the WIP soon and I will need a clear desk and mind to sort this one out.

So, am I going to plunge?

Yes, I jolly well am. I don’t believe in leaving until tomorrow what I can do today, even if it only seems to make matters worse. I have faith that plunging is the way to go… at least for me.

How are the rest of you coping?

23 thoughts on “Plunging into a New Week…

  1. I really get you, Jaye. I’m prepping for Nanowrimo and I’ve been sooo busy. But I’m determined to have time to enjoy life as well so I’m trying to force it. I plunge as well, and while the creative well is still filled, I know the day will come when it dries up, so I actively indulge in cheat days where i just close the office after lunch and run away( one day each week).

  2. I constantly find myself wondering where the day went. I’ll be like “it’s already dinner time?” I don’t always know what’s happening but do know that things are moving fast!

  3. My desk, oh my, I dare not share its disarray. The rest of the house is neat and clean, but my working home is a challenge. All the “to-do’s” stand tall and distract me throughout the day. Hmm, maybe that’s their purpose. 😄

  4. We need to be gentle with ourselves, too, Jaye. We’ve looked after a lot of ‘others’ by now! I re-worked one of your sentences to provide some levity: ‘have come to the conclusion that challenges are all well and good, if you can put them off…

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