Under the Tree… @PoetryDayUK

This is our contribution for National Poetry Day here in the UK…



Image by Jaye Marie

Under the Tree

While sheltering beneath this beautiful pine tree

I heard a deep voice, the down in your boot’s kind

“Why do you hide beneath my skirt?”

I answered, not knowing to whom I might be speaking

“I’m not hiding, I’m being nosy. I like the feel of it here,

as if the world can no longer see me.”

“I understand. My face is not always visible,

depending on the wind. I noticed you looking

yet you ventured beneath, unafraid.

Many here look upon my face and walk away

It must be my size has them walking by,

never knowing my name is Beau

I am left with a feeling of sadness.

You see, I cannot help but let my spirit be seen

That is when I can see the world through different eyes

Rather than just feeling the sunlight, I can see it

Late at night when the people have gone, I see the stars,

the moon playing between the shadows…”

I didn’t want to interrupt the voice coming from above my head

Finally, I managed to say, “Your face doesn’t frighten me,

I think it’s beautiful.”

A sudden wind picked up and I stepped outside

Looking up, I could no longer see the face

that had drawn me in. I believed the spirit of the tree

had shared its thoughts with me

I walked home, feeling privileged…