99 word #Challenge for Carrot Ranch Literary Community ~ Waiting ~ #Poetry


June 20: Flash Fiction Challenge


Tomorrow is today in waiting

It seems to me, that even when it arrives

It is still waiting

Where is yesterday in all of this

We all constantly wait for tomorrow

You can stand on the shore

Look to the horizon, watch the sun set

You cannot see tomorrow

Yet you know it’s coming

We spend a lot of our time waiting

For one thing or another

As for myself I cannot bear waiting

If I say I’ll be there at eight

I expect my friends to be on time

The future is the greatest opportunity we wait for…


6 thoughts on “99 word #Challenge for Carrot Ranch Literary Community ~ Waiting ~ #Poetry

  1. Waiting is not my best quality, yet wait we must. Sometimes. I laughed at the expectations that friends be on time because I’d be that “one friend…” Mostly because it’s also hard for me to pay attention to time.

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