Bridge to Tomorrow… #Poetry




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The village of Doon hides a great secret

Only those with no ideas of their own gain

Will find the bridge to tomorrow.

When you cross the bridge of light

You enter your own tomorrow.

Take note of all you see and hear

Hope your memory holds out

When you return.

For to implement a memory wrong

Could spell disaster.

A message meant for someone you know

Must be repeated verbatim.

You have stolen twelve hours of day

And twelve hours of night

Did you sleep, did you dream

While waiting to return?

If so, your dreams will have mixed with memory

Things you hoped for may have been left behind

To mix with another’s tomorrow.

All things live in the light

You may have picked up something

That doesn’t belong to you.

Secrets, by the very meaning of the word

Should be kept that way. Secret.

Tomorrow should not be entertained

until it arrives. It’s best that way…


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