Our Entry for Myths of the Mirror.com Fiction Prompt ~Strange Dimensions… #Poetry

March Speculative Fiction Prompt



Strange Dimensions

Why am I here?

This strange world that tastes metallic

where the sun is hidden behind a dark orb

leaving this world in blue shadow.

The air howled between the buildings

searching. I try walking away

a stronger feeling holds me in place.

I need to stay, follow the wind

find what it is searching for.

As I turn to enter this blue dimension

the metallic taste becomes stronger.

There is blood in the air.

Inside the new citadel

the air feels like a heavy coat.

Hands claw at me, trying to remove it

it is stuck fast.

My movements slow to a crawl

no sign of life, no sound

but the wind screaming louder

until I thought my ears would bleed

adding to the metallic taste.

Have I stepped into a world of the dead?

where nothing remains

but the taste of their blood…


26 thoughts on “Our Entry for Myths of the Mirror.com Fiction Prompt ~Strange Dimensions… #Poetry

    • I have checked with Anita and I’m now in the doghouse! This poem was meant for you, but I have no idea or excuse as to why you didn’t get it. I have system set up to make sure this doesn’t happen, but somehow it did.
      I will amend the postforthwith, and cannot apologise enough.

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      • No apologies needed at all, Jaye Marie. Tell Anita to let you out of the doghouse! Ha ha. I’m so glad I stumbled across the poem (coincidence or synchronicity?) Isn’t that odd how that happens? Anyway, no problem. I will add to the reblog list. My pleasure. ❤


  1. I just had a terrible thought. We didn’t use this for your prompt, did we? Swiftly followed by wondering if we actually contributed this month. Off to check, so will apologise in advance!

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  2. I actually love how you can’t tell if the narrator is exactly human – I think so, but then ‘taste of blood’ makes me feel like it’s more a Grim Reaper type of character. So spooky! Love it.

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