#Wordle 385 #Poetry



Wordle 385.png


Cardboard cut-out

The prophecy spoke of changes, strange times ahead

Of a girl with monochrome eyes, shades of black and white

I immediately thought of a mixed up yin and yang

I read the text three times, underlined before the week ends

With no idea who sent it, I dismissed it

My mind retained the thought of such strange eyes

I barely slept that night.

How can my mind slip in and out of dreams so fast?

So many black and white movies

As I moved from one to the other

There was no interaction, which was strange for me

I felt invisible.

The last dream before waking

There she stood on the clean white sand, blue seas behind her

The sun setting, walking towards me

A black and white cut out, shining through a heat haze

I felt as though I looked through strange glasses

This last dream stayed with me all the way to the store

I needed coffee

There she stood outside with yin and yang eyes

My cardboard cut-out

Advertising a new black and white barley twist

She wasn’t there yesterday, so who had sent the text?


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