A Rather Unattractive Man

Stevie Turner

I felt a blog coming on when I read a news item today about a bestselling French author and film director, who is 50 years old.  This man told Marie Claire magazine that he could never love a woman aged 50 or over, because he prefers the bodies of younger women aged around 25.  He states that the body of a 25 year old woman is ‘extraordinary’, and the body of a 50 year old is ‘not extraordinary’ and regards them as invisible.

I looked him up on Google.  Rather unsurprisingly he does not seem to be married.  I assume that working in the film industry where the young and beautiful pout and prance about obviously seems to have warped his mind.

In my opinion this man’s statements say a lot about his personality.  It says that he views women as air-heads and sex objects or arm/eye candy to be…

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