My Mountain… #Poetry




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The mountain gets bigger every day.

We kid ourselves that we are doing well,

Reaching targets and achieving new levels

Of technological brilliance.

In reality, this is what it feels like

Most of the time.

This week, however

The veil has lifted from my eyes

I have seen our progress

For what it truly is.

Miserable and pathetic

Nothing like I imagined.

Everything takes so long these days

Leaving no time for anything else

All those interesting and possibly

Fruitful things that you just know

Will make such a difference

To our platform and sales figures.

It would seem that the more you do

The more you need to do. Each step

Taking you higher up the mountain.

Ambition can be a terrible curse

Leading you away from a life

Of comfort, peace, and tranquility.

On a bad day, you hate yourself

When you fail to meet your expectations.

Fail to find that magic ingredient

That turns base metal into gold.

We search for inspiration

Wondering where the hell it went.

Constantly reminded of the good times

When magic flowed from our fingers

When dreams were not only possible

They seemed achievable.

A new brain could be needed, to better cope

Replace the one long worn away?

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