More Bad News…

We have been dreading getting this new virus fo the last two years, and as time has passed, it seemed to have given us a miss.

So when number one son came home with it, we knew we would probably get it too.

Most people only get a mild version, so we thought we would too.

Unfortunately, our age and medical histories are working against us, and we had no idea just how ill we would become. We are still testing positive and feeling dreadful, and beginning to wonder if we will manage to walk away from this virus after all.

We have always been fully paid up members of the ‘fake it until you make it’ brigade, so will try to fool this virus into thinking it is time to move on, by carrying on as though nothing has happened…

from Anita and Jaye XX

What a Difference a Day Makes…

That lovely productive mood that I have been basking in lately, took one hell of a tumble yesterday.

We had already started with some of the bad news a few days before but managed to cope.

Yesterday, the full force of the meaning of bad, hit us with both barrels.

One by one, and spread over the course of a week, four members of our family have been hit by the covid virus. Two of them are quite vulnerable, which was even more worrying.

Then came the news that our only breadwinner’s wages this month turned up with several hundred pounds missing. Turned out to be a clerical error, but no chance of amending this until next month. We are not a wealthy family, constantly robbing Peter to pay Paul, if you know what I mean. My sister and I are pensioners on a permanent budget, so looking to help replace this shortfall took some doing, and will involve rationing everything for a few weeks.

Drama taken care of, I couldn’t relax. What if the error wasn’t corrected next month? I had visions of us all sharing a tin of beans and/or going hungry.

This morning, the mood seems to have lifted. The sufferers are fighting the virus and feeling much better, thank heavens! We have also managed to convince ourselves that all will be well and the money will be reinstated next month.

Writing was the last thing I wanted to do yesterday, and that didn’t help my mood either… but today already feels more positive on that front, so I already have my happy hat on!

Jaye, smiling!

Mother’s Day…

Many mums will not be receiving any flowers or seeing their children today due to this awful virus, so I thought I would post the prettiest flowers I could find to brighten up the day for all of us!



Image by Mammiya from Pixabay