More Bad News…

We have been dreading getting this new virus fo the last two years, and as time has passed, it seemed to have given us a miss.

So when number one son came home with it, we knew we would probably get it too.

Most people only get a mild version, so we thought we would too.

Unfortunately, our age and medical histories are working against us, and we had no idea just how ill we would become. We are still testing positive and feeling dreadful, and beginning to wonder if we will manage to walk away from this virus after all.

We have always been fully paid up members of the ‘fake it until you make it’ brigade, so will try to fool this virus into thinking it is time to move on, by carrying on as though nothing has happened…

from Anita and Jaye XX

40 thoughts on “More Bad News…

  1. So sorry to hear that you guys tested positive to the new strain of Covid!
    Sending Positive vibes and energy and Big Hugs!
    Oh, they say that taking Vitamin D3, a larger dose, has a positive result on the effects. Check it out on the net!

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  2. From our post-viral community (the ME/CFS folk) to yours: please REST. Please do NOT push yourselves to do anything you’re not feeling up to. The sense of forcing yourselves back to normal, to catching up, is not good for you.

    There is no cure yet, but you can make things much worse. I wish I’d gotten that advice almost 33 years ago when I tried to prove I could still go to work, still do research physics, still contribute to my lab.

    The only person in our support group who ever got well was the one who did not push herself. Wish I’d followed her example, but we didn’t know, thought we were just being weak.

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