Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Canopy – April 1, 2021

Few people will have heard about the mushroom gods

That visit the ancient woods once a year,

beneath their own luminous green canopy.

Born as one, separate now, yet always together

They stand within the sacred circle to bless the land

They gather information from the trees

Of those that have passed beneath the green canopy

Showing where families have stepped

With smiling faces and laughing children

listening their strange stories

stepping into the faded footsteps

they speak the blessing for those that passed.

one such visitor, dressed in rags,

spends time hugging the trees,

whispering his message of love and thanks

his blessings shall be tenfold.

they are pleased with the guardians of the woods,

the stories they have told.

they return now to their home beneath the earth.

a wonder we would love to see.

I will tell you of this later…

© Anita Dawes 2021

Colleen’s Weekly #Poetry Challenge


Image credit: Unsplash, and the photographer is Wolfgang Hasselmann

The mushroom
Misty morning
My own quiet time
My thoughts run ahead wild
Free from boundaries I roam
I am now become the blue mist
My heart and soul one with all I touch
I am content to stay, to roam free, wild…

©anitadawes 2020

A Strange and Unexpected Visitor…



It hasn’t rained for nearly two days and I was looking forward to escaping the confines of my office and getting some fresh air.  Anita called me to come outside and see something, and she was being very mysterious. I found her standing near my bonsai, pointing to the one on the end of the shelf.

I wondered what had caught her attention, for as far as I could tell, they were all there on the shelf, looking a bit scruffy to be fair for I haven’t been keeping them tidy due to the weather. None of them were missing or damaged, although I thought some of them were looking a bit like naughty children, revelling in my lack of attention.

DSCF3270 (2).JPG

Image by Jaye Marie

That’s when I noticed what Anita was pointing to, a very small mushroom was happily growing in the pot alongside my bonsai tree. This tree was a gift from the birds some six years ago. I found it trying to grow between the cracks of the path, liked the shape and colour of the leaves and decided to keep it. I transferred it into a pot, but never did find out what it was called. So, after all this time, how did a mushroom manage to grow in the same pot?


Further along the shelf I noticed that my English cherry had changed into its autumn colour, a glorious red. I grew this tree from a cherry stone about seven years ago. It has never flowered, but I hope it will one day.

DSCF3272 (2).JPG

Image by Jaye Marie

My eyes returned to the tiny mushroom, and I was reminded of our last unexpected visitor.


Image by Jaye Marie

I had no idea this could happen, but have seen others since, so quite ordinary really…