A Lucky Penny… the wizards’ will is strong today… #Poetry

Image by Brigitte Werner from Pixabay

The Wizards will is strong today
A lucky penny he threw my way
In my pocket, I let it sit.
The next day I found a job
Life is looking up I thought
People say I am a fool to heed his words
A vagrant, that sits alone
on the bench all day.
Yet in his eyes, I see much more
His ragged clothes turn most away
I see a suit of golden hue
His footsteps light when he walks 
His age disguised by a trick of sight.
So much they miss with noses turned
What fate, what future stands without?
First condemning with sight and sound.
Let those walk by who see him not
I keep my penny out of sight
My life I see in his hands.
A light to pin my hopes upon...


Getting Lucky… #Poetry

My son and I often discuss the idea of getting lucky
Why it seems some folks have all the luck
While others like myself are still digging in the dirt
Looking for that four leaf clover
My son offers me his blood if it would help
So I scour the spell books
Buy all the paraphernalia, to no avail
I am still scratching in the dirt
Looking for that four leaf clover
To quote the Bible, seek and you will find
So I keep looking, convinced
I will find my own way of getting lucky…

© Anita Dawes 2021