Trying Times… #Writing

Image by Erin East from Pixabay

It’s funny how much better my life looks when I am writing.

I often think this is all I should be doing, but the marketing side of our business needs to be addressed too, unfortunately.

When I am writing, I love the glimmer of light that surrounds me, in a world determined to get darker every minute. It reminds me that I am lucky to be able to write, where many others cannot.

Having lived, (and I use that term reservedly) on this planet for nearly eighty years, I thought I had encountered most of the different aspects of a life well lived.

I would go as far as to say that my life has had more than its fair share of pain, heartache, and disappointments. But apparently not, I suspect it is saving a few surprises for me before my time is up.

I always thought that my old age would be a quiet, peaceful time, free to reflect and relax. A time to enjoy the freedom from everyday stresses.

Sometimes, my life is just like that, but not very often.

When it is like that, I can forget this world for a while and explore the worlds that my characters live in.

How lucky am I?

18 thoughts on “Trying Times… #Writing

  1. I’ve been thinking about getting older lately, and I realised something – those of us who embraced computing, are so much luckier than those who avoided the dread pc. We can escape into a world where we have friends at our finger tips, where we can chat about ideas, where we can explore new worlds, or just play.
    It’s freedom of a sort our parents’ generation could not even have imagined.

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