Sword of truth… #Poetry



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Sword of truth

Do not venture where the ravens gather

The dark woods hold more than can be told

You may meet the sword master

If your reason for trespassing in his world

Does not please him

He may want your head

The devil he vanquished lies at the tip of his sword

There are many more

He trusts no one, no lie can pass his hearing

He guards the woods with the sword of truth

Speak clearly, have a good story to tell him

If he believes you have spoken with conviction

He will leave you with your head

He may go so far as to grant you one truth

To help with your future

When you leave the woods

Do not take the master’s words for fantasy

He knows where you live…


Legend… #Poetry




Image by Pixabay.com



The day was painted with excitement

Like electricity falling from our fingertips.

The air crackled and the wind changed colour

Helping us see which way to follow

To find the fabled bird of legend

Identified with the kingfisher.

The winter solstice is upon us

We wanted to see the wind and waves

trapped by the legendary bird.

Would the wind vanish, would the waves iron out?

leaving the ocean like a sheet of blue glass

Would all beneath still be moving

unaware of the magic taking place above?

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