Eugi’s Weekly Prompt ~ #Poetry

Your Weekly Prompt – Purple Moon – August 26, 2021 

This strange purple moon
reminds me of the old Gods
Their war with young Zeus
The taking over feels all too familiar
Time repeating
Stories fade, never change
Their counterparts live on
If only in mind
When it comes time to pray
I ask who to
Which of the many Gods will answer?

© Anita Dawes 2021

Dark Gods… #Poetry

Dark Gods

There are Gods that have no light
They live in darkness
Dwell on sorrow, feed on fear
They drop nightmares like rain
We never feel them enter our minds
We never see the dark shadow
that falls across our soul
Nor hear the dark composer of our thoughts
When fear calls, we stand to attention
Dark whispers scratch the mind
Push us forward when we should turn away
How hard is it, to just say no…?

© anita dawes 2020