Six on Saturday… #Flowers for 2024

It is Saturday again, time for more lovely flowers but this time from the future!

Click on the link to visit them all over at Garden Ruminations!

I have decided to sacrifice a strip of lawn ( I use that term lightly) to create a new flower bed next year.

So I have been daydreaming about the flowers I shall be putting there.

First up are fuchsia. I have been seeing them everywhere I go lately, such lovely flowers…

Then there are aquilegia, or granny bonnets, as we used to call them. We get the odd self-seeded specimen, but I need more…

I couldn’t not include astilbe. Such ethereal, magical flowers…

Rosemary was the source of this latest plan. Someone mentioned how good it was for peace and tranquility, two things we definitely need more of. So there will be at least two of these.

There will be dahlias, of course, and hopefully better colours this time! There will probably be several kinds of dahlia, as I love them all, and I won’t be able to stop at just one…

We have a blue astrantia in the front garden, and I have become very fond of this strange flower. So, there will be at least one in this new bed, that’s if I can choose which colour!

Dreaming of next summer…

46 thoughts on “Six on Saturday… #Flowers for 2024

  1. I don’t usually like rosemary – either as a plant or as a condiment – but I LOVE that pot with…a prostrate variety growing out of it? Just gorgeous.

  2. What lovely daydreams you’re having! I couldn’t fault any of your choices – I’d be happy to share those dreams and fit them all in my garden!
    It’s exciting to plan a new flower bed, I’ll look forward to enjoying its progress.

  3. Great plant choices! I removed a lot of lawn from my place to make more perennial beds. Sod-stripping is tough work, though; hope you have help if needed.
    As for strimmers, I asked my husband to show me how ours worked. Lesson lasted about 5 minutes, after which I stuck with non-powered tools.

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