Yesterday was the Best Day… #NewBaby

I didn’t do much work yesterday, but it was a wonderful day.

The weather is going from bad to worse, and I am so far behind these days that I have stopped worrying about it. Things will get done eventually.

Then this happened…

The sun came out, literally, when the family turned up, bringing the new baby for a visit.

She slept all morning, in various arms and laps, completely unaware of all the lovely things we were saying about her and that we were playing a very precious game of passing the parcel.

You remember so much, don’t you, when you hold a new baby in your arms. All those long-ago maternal emotions came flooding back, and it was as if time had rolled back fifty years…

My lovely koi tattoo is getting old and wrinkly now, just like me!

I marvelled at her tiny hands and perfect fingers. The soft down on her head and her tiny rosebud mouth. She was heavier than I expected for one so small.

I didn’t expect to feel broody when it was time for them to go home, but I did…

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