Truthful Tuesday 25th July

Today, I thought we would do something different, so when I spotted this post on pensivity 101, the idea of being truthful about our miserable excuse for a garden really appealed to me…

Unlike Fibbing Friday, the concept is quite simple in that Di asks a question, and you reply honestly and truthfully.
You can either leave your reply in the comments or write your own post and pingback to pensivity 101 and leave a link in the comments so that Di can find it.

Her question this week is about gardens.

Does your property have a garden?

We live in one of a row of four cottages, and we are all allotted a thin strip of garden. There are no fences, just a path separating our plots. Not ideal, but better than nothing, we thought.

It has never felt like our garden, but we tend it and try to grow flowers.

There are rules, of course. The garden layout is to be maintained as is, nothing added or taken away, so most of the time, I feel like a visiting gardener.

Do you prefer a lawn or paving slabs, hedges, or walls?

There is a lawn, if you could call it that. Moss and weeds make it hard to maintain but maintain it we do. If it were our garden, I would prefer the low-maintenance option of paving. There is a massive hedge on one side of our strip. Over six feet tall and four feet wide. Cutting this used to be my job, being the tallest in the family, but I am too old now. Unfortunately, Luckily, our neighbour cuts it for us now.

I dream of a walled garden, somewhere of our own…

If not, do you wish you had one?

A day does not go by when I don’t wish for a garden of our own, but we do have a courtyard that is private. This is where we sit in the summer and where all my bonsai live…

19 thoughts on “Truthful Tuesday 25th July

  1. Your bonsais are lovely. Thanks for joining in. Our front lawn is open plan but there is no privacy. We cut the grass every week to ten days and it needs doing again. Our back garden is private though and fenced in which is ideal for the dog. There was nothing in it when we arrived, but we have erected a washing line and added a tree and rose bushes. We now have a greenhouse and 2 veg plots, but again it is mostly grass and that needs cutting too!

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