No Do Lists!

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I had a short conversation with myself yesterday after venting my frustration in my Macro Monday post, most of which was unprintable.

The gist of it was this, just do something, anything

That old saying about how to eat an elephant was swimming around in my head, and somehow, I knew what I had to do. (one bite at a time?)

I had to forget all those lists, those endless lists of good intentions. Every day, pick one job and don’t stop until it is done. I must not allow myself to drift off course or get distracted by anything else.

I thought this sounded doable, so I chose to finish updating my first book, Nine Lives. I already had the new cover and completed the Kindle version. All that was left to do was finish editing the paperback version and then upload the whole shebang to KDP.

All was going well. I was enjoying having a purpose, a goal, until I hit a brick wall. For some unexplainable reason, Microsoft Word decided not to play ball. All I wanted to do was save the finished file. I thought it had until I couldn’t find it anywhere. I finally figured it out after I noticed they had replaced said file with an old one and dumped the one I was working on in the trash.

I sorted it all out and tried again. And again. This is when I gave up, steam coming out of my ears.

I have a long history of frustration with Word, and this could be the last straw. Seeing as how I never quite got to grips with Scrivener, I had a look at Google Docs and then Atticus, as I had been hearing good things about that one.

Now, I hate trying new things only to discover they don’t work for me. So, can anyone point me to something that works and is easy to get along with? Pretty please…

22 thoughts on “No Do Lists!

  1. I’m a Word user and have not had your problems. I do save frequently and then mail myself a copy of the document as often as I feel I won’t be able to duplicate what I have. I absolutely hate Google Docs but I wish you well.

  2. How frustrating. I’m afraid I’m a Word user despite the occasional hoops. I like your approach to your list, Jaye. I’ll bet it will work most of the time! Best of luck.

  3. Oh my goodness, Jaye, I feel your frustration. Thank goodness, I’ve never had any issues with Word, but now I’m paranoid about saving and backing up my work. Good luck!

  4. I use Google Docs a lot now. I like that it automatically saves your work and it’s pretty user-friendly.

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