Macro Monday…

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I am not a great lover of ants, especially red ones, but this image caught my attention and is a lovely example of macro photography.

It’s Monday again, and I am not ready to start another week. I’m of an age when days begin to blur together, along with good intentions and plans of any kind. Without my closely guarded calendar, I wouldn’t have a clue about anything. Of course, a calendar is only as good as the information written on it. I rest my case.

I always used to have a detailed mind map of everything I needed to do, along with a side order of all those things I wanted to try, both of which, you guessed it, have blurred so much I can no longer access them at all. Make a list, I hear you say. That would only help if I remembered writing them!

Fortunately, none of this is affecting the WIP. I am progressing well and am very pleased with the content. How come I can remember the plot so well? No blurring there, I am happy to say.

All of this has been a wake-up call for me, and I am determined to find a way to schedule all of those jobs still undone just to stop worrying about them…

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  1. That is an incredible photo. You will get it all figured out. I find lists help, and there is such satisfaction when I can cross one thing off. Hang in there!

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