WIP Wednesday…

I am delighted to have reached the mid-way point of my WIP, The Mystery of Folly’s End, considering what kind of year we are all having. Despite everything, I have found so much comfort lost in the storyline.

The tension has gone up several notches as the characters struggle to get their bearings. I know where they are heading, but it is a constant strain for some of them. I find it fascinating to watch how they try to figure it all out, especially the ones who think they can get away with murder. (no spoilers here!)

Everything else falls by the wayside, as these chapters are the most important, in my humble opinion.

The tone of the story rests on a good middle, leading to a satisfying ending, at least for me!

Thinking about how different things come to fruition, made me think of our new apple tree. It’s one of those dual-fruiting ones with two kinds of apples. You will be pleased to hear that it did flower this Spring and for the first time, these flowers did not fall off. Looks like we will have fruit, but which ones?

Autumn promises to produce all manner of goodies, a new book and new apples!

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