A Turn for the Better and Flower of the Week…

After a very confusing week, ending with a coming together of my senses and work skills, I spent Friday afternoon working on the WIP! Yay!!!

This morning, feeling so much more like my old self, I decided to change the battery on my iPhone…

I successfully changed the battery in my laptop last year. A complicated procedure that had my heart in my mouth and my hands shaking. So although the phone is a much smaller proposition, I thought I could do it again.

Nothing ventured, I tried to do this several times, but none of it was easy. I had the new battery and full instructions, but couldn’t even open the case.

Several Youtube videos later, I managed to get it open. Then I was faced with some of the smallest screws I had ever seen in my life. Of course, none of the tools fit the screws. I checked with the sender, who assured me the tools were correct.

I ended up buying two special screwdrivers before finding one that worked.

They said you could do it in three minutes, but took me more like half an hour. As I write this, the phone is good as new, fully charged in ten minutes and holding. Nothing quite like a little success to make your day!

Today, we are teaching Milo to use the cat flap to access the backyard. We didn’t realise before just how nervous he is. For all his tricks and bad habits, he is really just a big baby. We thought he was desperate to go out, but it might take a while…

While doing this, I noticed what I thought was a weed growing in the crack near the wall. On closer inspection, it was a Forget-me-not. These are springing up all over the place this year…

Now, what can I get up to this afternoon…

23 thoughts on “A Turn for the Better and Flower of the Week…

  1. So glad to hear that you’re feeling better, and actually writing! And good for you for changing your phone battery. I’ve never tried and it makes me nervous just thinking about it. Love that big baby Milo. So cute and cuddly. Hugs.

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  2. Good to heAr that you are feeling more like your old self. And the forget-me-nots are lovely. I like them, but the only drawback is that they are exactly like weeds.
    In fact they are weeds quite often on my definition. A weed is a plant growing where you don’t want it.
    But when they form huge blankets of blue, they are truly lovely.

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