June BlogBattle: Scar ~ #Poetry

June 2022 Blog Battle

Ocean Deep

The scar I carry is not visible
so many years later it hurts
like carrying a suitcase full of rocks
It started with name calling
Then my chair pulled away as I sat
They threw things at me, homework got torn
Things got worse, the older we grew
too many things
I try not to remember,
The rocks on my back are enough
Over the years, 
some of the rocks have fallen away
Memory plays its part
Yet the scar is deep, like the ocean dark
I heard someone say, we adopt memories
If that’s the case, I wish I could give them back
To swim in a clear ocean
It took too many years hiding
Not until the day I met him, did I learn to smile
Some of the rocks fell away from my back
When children came along, 
the suitcase grew a great deal lighter
I keep one rock on the kitchen window sill
To remember every scar is not visible
I pray that my children grow up scar free
If not, I hope they learn 
to carry their wounds better than I did
I look in the mirror at years past
I see the rock that holds me to family
Life is good…


13 thoughts on “June BlogBattle: Scar ~ #Poetry

  1. Absolutely beautiful because it’s so very relatable. Both the rocks and the ocean were great imagery for your message. And the hope at the end was the bow on top. So happy to see you back!

  2. A very powerful testimony to hurt which can be caused by casual cruelty. The use of ‘rocks’; those heavy dangerous items adds to the painful atmosphere, dismantling the rather fatuous statement ‘What odes not kill me makes me stronger’.
    This is an anthem to survival and a reminder of the cost.
    Congratulations to you and your courage and art for writing this.

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  4. A poignant poem… I will add my own prayers on the line about children growing up scar free…
    We have left many scars unseen unfortunately as a society this last few years..
    Thank you for sharing Anita’s Poem.

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