#Colleen’s Weekly #Poetry Challenge


This challenge is a true poet’s choice! Use any syllabic poetry form that you’d like. As long as there are syllables to count, you’re good to go! Be creative. If your form is something new, teach us how to write it. Have fun!

when snow fell
angels whispered
my impending birth
the new dark pretender
to make Merlin seem saintlike.
trouble aplenty lie in wait
darker evil, right through the cold core.
at night, the townsfolk tremble in their sleep
my birth had been planned before time, and thought
I guess the universe has a plan
the new spell has now been woven
time cannot recall it back
nor damp the troubled wave
people’s minds are weak
skyhooks are clear
they dig deep
time held

© Anita Dawes 2021

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