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November 2019 Blog Battle

Our word this month is:


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From the Heart

I was waiting for mum to tuck me in, tell me my bedtime story

She never read from a book, at times I wondered if she could read

The best stories come from the heart she said

Tonight, I want to tell you about the sacred willow tree

The fey folk make their harps when the moon is full

The goddess making sure that enchantment graces the strings

Building a mystic bridge between heaven and earth.

One night, when the full moon hid behind dark clouds

the chief harp maker discovered his golden harp had been stolen

This harp was never designed to be played by human hand

Should they be foolish enough to play the magic strings of the twilight harp

Like that moment between dark and light

They will find their souls struggling to stay in their own world

So, be careful when buying a second-hand harp

The music you play may be too painful for heart and soul to hear

You may find yourself in the land of the fey…


5 thoughts on “#BlogBattle: Harp #Poetry

  1. “From the Heart” is a fascinating poem, full of mystical beings and concepts. The mother can certainly weave a gripping tale. It brings to mind the old fables of Aesop, where an allegorical story is used to give a warning or moral. You certainly strung the “harp” theme throughout the poem. I can see the scene in my mind.

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  3. More enigmatic than at first glance! The story the mum tells is enchanting enough, but I found myself wondering if there was some kind of ‘family connection’ being alluded to here since it’s a story within a story. Beautifully told and thought provoking!

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