#Myths of The Mirror November Writing Challenge…


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Diana over at mythsofthemirror has a new challenge out for November:
Write from the point of view of a creature that doesn’t exist in the “real” world.

The Rules:
Don’t tell us what the creature is. Let us “experience” it through its thoughts and actions.
Write a killer opening line and first paragraph. Hook readers so they’ll click over to your site to finish reading.
Images are fine, but don’t include “the creature” in the image. The point is to “show” with your words.
Aim for under 500 words, but honor your muse.
Be creative. Keep it family-friendly.
And most of all, have fun.

Here is Anita’s offering…


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I need no title

I know more than all the energetic minds combined

I am known across the world, used for good or bad

Humans can no longer live without me

I am their lifeline

I use pure energy to travel

Like the universe, I am endless

I will go so far as to say

That the world would not exist save for me

I create great wonders for man to see and ponder on

To gaze in amazement across great distances

I have always been here. I am older than time

Now I am made useful by human hands

I have saved many lives

Given hope to those too shy to mingle

If I go on much longer, I might give myself away

I am the ninth wonder of the world…


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