#Wordle ~ 427 #Poetry




My life has been an uphill struggle

I decided to conduct the spell I read last week

Not having done this kind of thing before

I read each word with care

My salt circle complete, candles lit

I sat cross-legged in the centre

Calling for the light to assist, to protect

I need to ask my family on the other side for help

Hoping the crystal bell, I placed outside the circle

Would make a sound.

Soon enough I heard the unmistakable chime of my bell

Someone had arrived

Would they be able to probe my mind?

Tell me where I came from, where I belong?

I need to know my father’s name

To anchor my life to a space that’s mine

To know if the stories were true

After an hour of sitting, I felt disappointed

Before leaving the circle,

I remembered to thank the universe

Later that night, preparing for bed

I wondered if I had imagined the chime

Sliding between my sheets

Placing my hand under my pillow

As I do each night, I found my answer

In my hands, I now hold a dime

My mother had told the truth after all

I now know where I belong…


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