Somehow… #Poetry



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Walls and bars do not a prison make

the great philosophers would have you believe.

Mind has its own barb wire, keeping things in,

keeping things out, neither meeting the other.

Like the two halves of the brain, working the opposite side

Two halves of a suburban street, neither knowing the other.

Faces with no names, a smile, a nod when passing

A mumbled good morning leaves a feeling of civility in the air.

We have no need of man-made bars

Too many of us walk around in a prison of our own making.

Taking on too much work, no time to rest to be joyful

One small kindness can break down walls,

Vanish dark clouds, bringing back hope

Somehow, humanity will survive. we can reach out,

find a wall, break it down, let the light back in

A genuine smile can lift the gloom felt by loneliness…


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