Before Sin… #Poetry




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Before I am born, I am forgotten

I carry sins for the world.

I share them out like sweets

As a mother would for her children.

Each must have his own portion

Without sin, the world turns to ash.

There must be crimes, murders

Catastrophes to swipe man away.

Space on your world is not infinite

I do not choose who receives the larger sin.

Like the scattering of seeds or rain

I let them fall where they may.

I am not here to judge man

Only to see evil done by his hand.

Nature has her own way

Of sending evil to keep numbers down.

Pandora will tell you hope remains

That morning light will confirm.

There are no saints among you

Each has been given their own kind of sin.

Whether in thought or deed

I am sorry to say is the way of life.

Good and bad, yin and yang

Decided from the very first spark…