No Harm…



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No Harm

Would you wake a sleeping giant?

One who is cursed to walk the land

Looking for a place to be

To live as others do?

Where no one screams at the sight of him.

Would you walk with him?

Tell all those you meet

That he means no harm?

How can you convince them?

When stories have spread far and wide.

The village he destroyed, when a young boy

Throwing stones, hit the giants head.

What words could you use to convince them

He is no longer violent

When he barely understands a word you say.

What makes you think he has changed

In the time you have spent with him.

Will you tell them of the day?

You watched as he buried a fallen sparrow?

Picked flowers to lie on the dry earth.

The day he plucked a fish from the water

Removing the hook from its mouth

And setting it free.

Would any of this take the terror from their eyes

As he walks through the village

As they try to balance on ground that

Shakes with every foot fall.

An overgrown child who may never

learn to hide his pain without lashing out.

You may never tame what is meant

To live wild and free

Find a safe place for him, away from people

Let him go, watch from a distance…

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