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Thursday photo prompt: Bright #writephoto




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The woodland at the back of my house is a place I visit often. Today I noticed a bright pillar of light swaying as if windblown. There were shadows dancing, whispered voices, children playing.

The children in the light wait to be born. My mother and grandmother told me the same tale, but I never expected to see it. I could sit here forever watching, wanting to hold it in my mind. I may not be lucky enough to see it again.

Two hours I sat, before going home, where my wife told me she was pregnant.

Floored by the news, telling my wife of my experience, I had to wonder, had one of those dancing shadows waited to make me a father?

I like to think so…


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  2. Beautifully worded and imagined. I really love ‘The children in the light wait to be born’. Lovely imagery and a lovely tale.


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