Spiders Web… #Poetry



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Spiders Web

What is this thing we call dreaming?

Is it an alternate reality we live during the dark hours?

Are others living out their moment before being born

Using our blank minds to imprint their time upon?

Should we take note of those dream moments?

Alas, we do not. We let them fall by the wayside

A possible message lost.

Not all dreams relate to the day before.

As has been said, there are strange moments

mixed in that you seem to recognise, but cannot place.

Faces, voices that you feel you have met before

Familiar attributes you feel comfortable with

Is each life no more than a giant spiders web?

Each silken thread pulled by a puppet master

That loves the dark dreams best

the ones we call nightmares…



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      • Facebook disallowed it because they started their own blog platform. The announcement happened just as I started my blog. Ridiculous tat one cannot share or post onto their blog platform. Another FB failure in my book.

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      • There was a note from WordPress when I first started. If you are on Facebook you can start a blog platform. I did but it is a pain to copy everything over since you can’t easily share from Twitter, WP or other platforms. Plus I don’t have a large base on Facebook. But check it out and let me know if you have any problems finding the prompts to start one. It is directly on your account page.

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  2. Great poem, great questions Anita! I often wonder the same. There are definitely waking moments where I tie them to a dream but often can’t remember exactly what or when it was.💗

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