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She grows wild, alone, unafraid

Like a rare desert orchid.

She cannot be contained

If you dare, her colours fade

Her petals fall.

The remains of your heart tell you

To let her go, to never look

In those eyes that strip you of

Every fiber of your senses

Would be unbearable.

To never feel her touch

Would be like death itself.

Yet your hands cannot hold her

She takes root where she will

The open road is her master

Take the love she offers when she rests

She needs more than you can give.

Can you live the life she offers?

Can you bear to see her disappear

For days with others that touch

That silken skin that wraps around your mind

With the sweet scent of your love.

The taste of her lips that sends

Your mind spinning until you feel

The edge of the earth beneath your feet

Without the song of the siren

She has you in her spell.

If you truly cannot live without her

Then follow…


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