#Wordle 384






Who am I?

I would rather have an invisible cloak

Of good hope, rather than sail around it.

Sprinkling hope like stardust as I go

Tinkerbell, that kind of thing.

Dreaming of my search for the right door to open

I would welcome any suggestions

As I am not sure what it is I seek.

There are times when my thoughts fill my mind

I feel like Noah, trying to hold back the flood

Like sorting through a waste bin.

Which thoughts to keep, which to risk throwing out

What if I should have taken a poor thought

Embellished on it, break down the border

Between the left and right side of my mind.

See what comes of letting the mind work as one entity

Would I regain the joy I lost years ago?

I let the hypocrisy of others tie my spirits in knots

Over the years, I tried not to listen.

Thing is, once a seed is sown it takes hold

Like the weed that keeps coming back.

Many cling on from childhood, darker now

Pushed further to the back of my mind.

Still, they linger, popping up unexpectedly

Often to the detriment of self.

Oh for a crystal ball, a deck of Tarot cards, dice

Throw a double six, do or don’t

Take the road that leads to the left.

Calling an unknown destiny

In this fashion doesn’t work

I know, I have tried most things

Light a candle in church, whispered dreams

Hope echoes from the walls

Drop a coin into that dirty hat on the pavement

Beside an even more disheveled piece of humanity

That many are blind to.

No, to all the above this year

I mark each step, guided by the small inner voice

I should have listened to years ago…


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