#Wordle 383 #Poetry





Shades of Blue

Morning shadow falling across my face

A touch of something calling

Needing to be remembered

To return

My thoughts tied in a string

I am shaken by a memory

A view from the deck of a ship

A lonely shadow of a man

Walking unsteadily on the pebbled shore

The ship passes, I hear dogs bark

I remember feeling sad, not knowing why

The kettle calls me away from my window

The shadows gone, sunlight fills my room

I sit with the brew, feeling spent

As if I had taken a long walk back

 From time and memory

Notes left on my pillow

Soft summer breeze lifting lace curtains

Float into the room, like the veil of an invisible bride

The kiss that never was, the lips I never touched

Yet the memory of both, haunt me now

The love I left behind

The life I could have had

I wonder, is memory a sweet treat

Or lost dreams, returning shades of blue?