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Is there any place on earth that can claim to be untrodden?

The darkest regions of the Amazon would have had creatures crossing back and forth at some time in our history.

It is the same for the oceans, deep and dark, not made for man. Yet something lives there.

I believe it is the same for the planets that man cannot reach.

The cracks, the waterways, could someone have walked there long ago?

Our history goes back further than we can truly know. I have to wonder if there is a virgin untrodden ground anywhere in our universe. Yet give me a patch of untrodden snow, I will stop and think.

No footsteps, untrodden, pristine, white. My mind tells me the snow that has fallen today, made by frozen rain, has been with us since time began. It has fallen many times before and will keep falling, it is not new.

However, this beautiful patch of diamond carpet of fresh snow has no footprints. I will tread there and leave my mark. Just in case there is a chance, some small part is yet untrodden in some distant past…




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