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This morning I had gone upstairs to get dressed and make the beds, the way I do each day. Then I went back down to the kitchen to make us coffee, taking Anita’s into the living room, but she wasn’t there.

I found her sitting in my office chair reading Sue Vincent’s post on the computer. I put my coffee down, thinking she would vacate my chair but to my surprise, she said she wanted to finish reading.

Sue’s post was all about how she hates wearing shoes.  Anita has the same problem and has never worn anything with high heels in her life. She was at the bottom of the page now and I thought she would soon give me my chair back.

Turning to me, she said that she wanted to type a comment. Tickled pink, I showed her how to do it and let her loose.  I couldn’t help smiling and marvelling at the sight, for in five years Anita has never touched my keyboard.  Tell a lie; Anita does clean it for me from time to time, when she insists on removing the dust in the office.

Anita hates computers far more than I do, but maybe curiosity will achieve what I haven’t been able to do, I just hope she isn’t after my swivel chair…

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17 thoughts on “Shoes…

  1. High heels are torture devices designed by sadistic men. (At least, that’s how I perceive them.) I used to have more than one hundred pairs of shoes in various heel-height. Now I wear the same few pairs over and over and when I’m home, I’m barefoot (unless I’m walking around the house doing stuff, in which case, I have on slides).

    But isn’t it great that something got her to use the computer?

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  2. I bookmarked Sue’s articel to indulge in later – hurrah, I’m not the only one who hates shoes – when our son was getting married in November, my main thought was – winter, what on earth will I put on my feet, can’t get away with trainers…

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