#TheSundayWhirl: #Wordle 375



Wordle 375.png



We have been here before.

I remember the drive across the mountains

The cool breeze and the misty spray

We try to sing, words fail us

Our hearts broken, still longing

For the child, we cannot have

We have spent a lifetime running

From something we can never find

We watch mothers wiping runny noses

Our tears hit the ground, time wasted

Wishing our lives could be swapped

Farmers across the land watch their corn grow

Lay their heads down at the end of the day

Attentive to every detail to keep hunger away

Family fed, roof secure over their head

While my eggs are empty shells

We no longer go to the movies, no popcorn eaten

While watching happy families on the screen

Many have told us our lives could have been

Filled with small-unwanted souls

This was not meant to be, I could not fill

My arms with anything but my own

I pray that this will come in my next life…

©Anita Dawes

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