From the Platform… #Poetry



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I stood on the platform thinking

about the film, ‘sliding doors’

Having missed my train

What else might I have missed?

A handsome stranger with green eyes

Smiling at me

Before the train reaches its destination

Had he asked for my number?

Not likely, I’d be squashed

between two sweaty oiks

Finally reaching work, late

I was expecting a black look from the boss

No black looks, my fantasy from the platform

Having stepped in for the day

Stood smiling at me

I hoped by the end of this day

he would ask for my number

I need those emerald eyes to do more

than just smile at me…


The Train… #Poetry


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I forgot to move; my limbs frozen

The level crossing was up

Clear for all to reach the other side

Yet a train was speeding towards me

I could hear people screaming

For God’s sake, run!

I thought I must be dreaming

As the sound drew nearer

Suddenly I felt my body crashing to the floor

Somebody’s arms around my waist

I looked into his blue eyes

A hero I knew I would marry…