The Heavens Shook… #Poetry

Merlin spoke, the heavens shook
Yesterday, the world held its breath
Today, the seas boil
Hidden behind dark clouds
I see steel blue eyes
Calculating the many
Questions waiting
Unanswered for too long
Ending in more answers that don’t please
Silver linings are not always what you think
Thunder broke behind the dark clouds
          The seas continue to boil…


Silver Linings…

Image by Mambeni from Pixabay

Mother told me often
Every cloud has a silver lining
Given time, all things turn out well
After being knocked out in the sixth round
Looking up, I could see stars, no silver lining
On that occasion, mother said my brains were addled
Count your blessings, she said with a kiss
Every occasion comes easy to mother
Ringing in my ears has me wondering
On Sunday, I found her outside
Sitting on our porch in floods of tears
Getting the truth from her lips
Is like breaking into Fort Knox
Gettysburg says everyone has the right to the fifth amendment
Asking mother again, thinking she had taken it in silence
Never one to wash her linen out doors
Today was no different, apart from the tiny squeeze on my hand
Enough for me to know she had an answer in mind
Undermined by Sonny, my brother, mother
Sat crying, tears I could not stop, please send a silver lining…

© Anita Dawes 2021