Under Dark Clouds… #Poetry

Under dark clouds, a secret lay, hiding
No one person can hold on to it
Catching a falling star burns your hand
Over time it cools, revealing the secret held
Making time for magic, 
    dancing in the mind like a court jester

Fools have chased the philosophers stone, the elixir of life
Over many continents the pilgrimage continues
Rivers catch the ragged feet, sores soothed
Tales of heroes emerge from such journeys
After a time, heroes get lost, forgotten

Beware the one who finds the meaning of the secret
Little by little he would change the world
Everything you know would be destroyed 
    by power too hard to hold…


#Writephoto ~ Secret #Poetry

Thursday photo prompt: Secret #writephoto

Image by scvincent.com

For visually challenged writers, the image shows an old wooden door framed by ancient stone, with an ornate key inserted in a rusted, heart-shaped lock.

Dare to Touch

In a dungeon, deep beneath the castle
Lies a door with a heart shaped lock
A quarter piece missing.
This had me intrigued
Are we allowed to enter to
find the missing quarter?
Legend has it that to find it
touch it, to hear the heartbeat
You leave a quarter piece
of your own heart behind
to make new ones
for those who are in need.
Something about the legend speaks to me
I heard the familiar beat
so I dared to touch the beating heart.
The secret is, there is no secret
The legend spells it out.
Would you touch the beating heart?
Leave a part of yourself behind
In some forgotten time and space?

©anitadawes 2020