Jaye’s Days… 30 degrees, and rising!

Today will be the hottest so far, I am reliably informed.

It’s lunchtime, and the temperature is already 30 degrees, so God knows what it will be later.

I don’t do heat very well, never have, probably because when I was a child, I fell asleep in the garden on a very hot day and woke up with sunstroke. Not something I would recommend!

I tried braving it and ventured out of doors yesterday. I survived but felt really ill. I have no energy, and my brain struggles with even the simplest tasks.

I thought I could make headway with the editing if I stayed indoors and drank plenty of water. I have half of a newsletter awaiting completion too, but everything might have to wait until the heat takes a hike.

On the bright side, we are promised thunderstorms and rain on Monday, and I cannot wait.

Neither can all my plants! We have a hosepipe ban in place, so all I have for them is the water in our rain butt. I hope it lasts until Monday, as it would be a shame to watch them shrivel up and die after how well they have done.

They’re not even red yet!
These were supposed to be a dwarf species!

As you can see, the plants are doing better than me,

so does anyone know a good rain dance that works!

#Monday Musing…

Here in the UK, it is already too hot to think. They say the weather will break tomorrow afternoon, with storms and a lot of rain. (Hopefully)

As my brain refuses to switch on this morning, I am thinking of doing a rain dance instead!

Keep cool, everyone, and pray for rain…

From Both of Us!

Time to Cool off?

Image by Karl Egger from Pixabay

This is for all the hot weather spots in the world… here in UK, ours will hit us hard on Sunday, so we will be visiting this beautifully cool place all day! (not really, of course, but it would be lovely!)

Stay indoors and stay cool, everybody!

Melting Conditions…

Image by iSAW Company from Pixabay

As I sit here at my writing desk, trying to imagine a lovely cooling shower of rain, I can hear the distant rumbling of thunder. 

We did have a quick shower earlier, but it didn’t last long, and the ground dried out almost immediately.

After many false promises, we are assured of a breakthrough in the hot weather this evening, but I won’t be holding my breath!

That’s my way of defying fate, just so it can prove me wrong.

Seriously though, I have been wondering how everyone else manages… For instance, what equipment do they rely on?

It has become clear to me that we are sorely in need of something in our house, fans, or a cooling unit, but which?

If this were our house and not rented, we would probably save up and have air conditioning installed, or ceiling fans in every room at the very least.

It’s the nights that are the worst. Nights when your bed feels like an oven and you can’t find a cool place anywhere. Nights when I swear it feels hotter than it was during the day.

I can normally sleep anywhere, under any conditions, but this latest heatwave has kept me awake every single night. We threatened to sleep in the garden, but it wasn’t any cooler out there, either.

So, will we get some rain, maybe a little thunder? Or just a dramatic drop in the temperature?

I would settle for them all, after all, we deserve it…

How do you cope when the temperatures rise?