Melting Conditions…

Image by iSAW Company from Pixabay

As I sit here at my writing desk, trying to imagine a lovely cooling shower of rain, I can hear the distant rumbling of thunder. 

We did have a quick shower earlier, but it didn’t last long, and the ground dried out almost immediately.

After many false promises, we are assured of a breakthrough in the hot weather this evening, but I won’t be holding my breath!

That’s my way of defying fate, just so it can prove me wrong.

Seriously though, I have been wondering how everyone else manages… For instance, what equipment do they rely on?

It has become clear to me that we are sorely in need of something in our house, fans, or a cooling unit, but which?

If this were our house and not rented, we would probably save up and have air conditioning installed, or ceiling fans in every room at the very least.

It’s the nights that are the worst. Nights when your bed feels like an oven and you can’t find a cool place anywhere. Nights when I swear it feels hotter than it was during the day.

I can normally sleep anywhere, under any conditions, but this latest heatwave has kept me awake every single night. We threatened to sleep in the garden, but it wasn’t any cooler out there, either.

So, will we get some rain, maybe a little thunder? Or just a dramatic drop in the temperature?

I would settle for them all, after all, we deserve it…

How do you cope when the temperatures rise?

24 thoughts on “Melting Conditions…

  1. We have a portable A/C unit. It can be set up anywhere there’s a way to vent the heat outside, a door/window, etc … and we use a couple of tower fans to move the cooler air throughout the house … best investment we ever made. It’s only out of storage for a few weeks every year, (although that time is getting extended a bit more every year) but the quality of our lives during those times is immeasurably improved.

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  2. Living in Central Texas means central A/C plus ceiling fans. Of course, the temperature inside needs to remain at 79 degrees otherwise the A/C becomes unaffordable. Hence the ceiling fans keep the air moving. Glad to see the heatwave break for you. We are due for over 100 degrees for the rest of the month.

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  3. I have been spoiled by central air-conditioning for 40 years now, but I do remember the days when we had only a few fans, and those were miserable enough, especially to this asthmatic! This summer has been the hottest on record here, with temps into the 90s most every day, and I cannot imagine not having a/c. My heart goes out to you and I hope that cooler temps come your way soon!!!

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  4. I remember my grandmother telling stories of putting ice on a large, deep platter, sitting it on a footstool, then setting a osculating fan to blow across the ice. With the curtains drawn in the front living room everyone would gather in a circle and drink iced tea.

    Hope it cools off enough to get a decent nights sleep. 💤⛈💤

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  5. When the temperatures rise so to speak, I envision, “Trees with strong roots laugh at storms. ~ Malay Proverb,” and in Empathic Silence weather and adapt and adjust ever so slightly. And, when it gets TOO hot, like in weather temperature. I drink a cayenne-infused tea or eat a jalapeño. It forces the body to sweat, and my natural cooling system with the evaporation of that gets jump-started. So, heat with heat. Rather than battling it, I sync up and join it. I don’t join it to make it go away. I join it to enhance and reinforce and strengthen me getting back to punching the keys in a wholly new and experiential place. It comes from my concept of, “Don’t waste trouble.” It certainly does suck intensely at times, though especially in those trying timeS, the gifts of messages are felt and seen more clearly. Like rising up into and with the intensity, the pulse of the beat of the heart of the matter simply becomes clearly evident as intensely as a tiger eating, though more like a butterfly at rest on a flower.

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