Jaye’s Disappointing Days… #Journal

I thought that posting about my difficulties in the post, The Snowball Effect, would help my perspective, and it did, up to a point.

My mind is still hunting for a way to do everything, even though you and I know this is impossible. Not without a lot of tweaks, anyway.

I read another post yesterday about the importance of taking a break from our writing. You have all read posts like this, too. That it can trigger new surges of brilliance and productivity.

All we have to do to achieve this miracle is put it all in a mental holding box and walk away.

I have done this many times with various WIPs, and I know that removing the thing with the blockage, even for a little while, does, in some peculiar way, help the flow to resume.

This method also works for impossibly hard-to-resolve situations, so I am betting that it might work on anything once you have isolated the problem.

Of course, and from experience, I know that once you have walked away from anything, there is always the fear that you won’t return, which is probably why most of us are reluctant to risk it.

I have ignored my status quo long enough; it is time to do something. Actually, I need to do a lot of somethings.

Most important is my health. So busy making sure my sister’s health is being carefully managed I have been neglecting my own needs. I hope that recent tests will answer many questions, and hopefully, I can get the good part of me back.

So, while all this is in the pipeline, I am taking a day or two off. My brain will continue to look for answers, even while I concentrate on writing my latest story…

I will figure this out, for I don’t want to do anything else, so I will see you soon…

22 thoughts on “Jaye’s Disappointing Days… #Journal

  1. Jaye, Hugs to you and Anita. Leaving a story sit for a while helps me. I have been doing this thing where I leave one book in the middle and start another. And then I go back and finish the first one. The specific thing I do is go from a dark murder mystery to a cozy Christmas romance. Something about writing the grittier murder mysteries preys on me from time to time and I just need a break. Also life gets in the way. If the rest of my life is too busy, I put a book down for a week or a month and always come back refreshed with new ideas. I hope the same for you!

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